About the Box Elder CJC

The CJC offers a comfortable setting to make children feel safe while they are meeting with investigators and other team members about allegations of abuse.

Specially trained professionals talk to children about the abuse they have allegedly experienced. Interviews are recorded to preserve them for evidence and to reduce the need for multiple interviews.

Professionals from several different agencies collaborate on each child's case. At a minimum each team includes representatives from law enforcement, prosecution, child protective services, healthcare, mental health, victim advocacy, and the CJC. This multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach increases coordination, allowing agencies to track a child's progress through the investigation, judicial process, and treatment.

Some children may need a medical exam. The exam provided through the Cache County or Weber County Children's Justice Center is performed by medical professionals with specialized training to work with children who may have been abused or assaulted. A medical exam may be requested by law enforcement, Child Protective Services, or medical professionals.

The CJC provides abused children and their families with referrals for support services, such as therapy, medical care, and victim resources.

MDT members are trained regularly to ensure that Utah's children receive the most professional care possible.

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